Sunday, March 4, 2012

Defensive Pistol 3-4-2012

I haven't shot Defensive Pistol in a few months, because... well, there really isn't any excuse other than I've become a fair-weather shooter. There was a point in time that I'd shoot no matter what, and I agree that for training, you should shoot in all kinds of weather.  But I'm getting old and I really like climate control.

The proceeds from today's match were donated to Avon's Breast Cancer Walk, so I had planned on going no matter the weather.  I just lucked out that the weather was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.  So beautiful I got a sunburn and it feels wonderful.  No Vitamin D deficiency for this girl (we'll just overlook the skin cancer thing today).

I don't have the videos yet from the stages, but I do have the video from the carbine side match.  Each month, after we've shot all of the match stages, we do a side match, which is entirely optional.  I don't own a carbine (yet), so I borrowed Double Tap's.  Here's a little tip:  when borrowing a gun, be sure to spend the two or three seconds it takes to familiarize yourself with it.  Had I taken just two seconds to remind myself that the magazine release is on the right side of the gun, I would have shaved almost eight seconds off my time.

This is the AR I got to shoot;
it has one of Mrs Mom's custom slings.

Mrs Mom's recently gotten into making things out of paracord and this sling is one of her designs.  It's pretty cool and since I got to try it out, I know what I want when I order BAMF's sling.

The stage included five pistol rounds, transition to rifle and twenty-five rifle rounds.  I'm not overly thrilled with how I shot it, but I'm not ashamed of how I shot it either.  I did miss the pop-up target - never even got a round off at it - because of poor planning on my part. I should have completely shouldered the weapon, made sure I had a good sight picture, and then activated the pop-up.  Lesson learned.

Despite the fact that I didn't shoot the side match well, I feel pretty good about the day. 

And why wouldn't I feel good about it?  I got to spend the day outside at the range, blowing holes in targets AND we raised over $1000 for the Breast Cancer Walk.


deejo3 said...

Mag changes definately slowed you down. Pistol to rifle transition was pretty awkward, too.

GunDiva said...

If I had been able to sling up like I used to with my shotgun, it would have been a breeze. The pistol to rifle transition was beyond awkward - it was HORRENDOUS! Gah! My rifle (when I get around to getting one) and shotgun will be slung across the chest as they should be instead of the traditional carry.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Hey, you know those gun slings would also make really cool breasts straps for bareback pads. They are wide enough to not cut into the horse's chest and you could just have a hook on each end to latch onto the D-rings on the pad. I think I will talk to Mrs. Mom about making a couple, with each of my horse's names on it, too. Besides, when you are out bareback, it's nice to have neat ways to carry 'spare parts'.
Bionic Cowgirl