Saturday, March 17, 2012

How Many Is Too Many?

So, the other day I was talking to one of Digger's friends, a kid from Texas who now lives in Wyoming and works with my son.  RCC was showing Digger his new gun and Digger says, "they've got a lot of guns".

I told them both, "we really don't have that many guns, just two 870s, a .223, a .308, the Henry Survival Rifle, the GSG 1911-22, the Para, an M&P, and a PX4 Storm. Not really that many." 

The poor kid's eyeballs 'bout fell  out of his head.

Imagine what he's going to think when we round out our gun collection.

It's more guns than I've owned in a long time, but it's still really only two pistols and a shotgun apiece.  The .223 was a wedding present (thanks, Mez).  The .308 and the Henry are supposed to be "ours", but they're really RCC's.  I'll have to get my own .308 with my own scope mounted for hunting.  I can use RCC's, but the eye relief just isn't quite right.

I still need a back up gun; RCC and I still need to build our ARs.  And then there are the "want" guns, which are too many to list.

I don't know, what do you think?  Nine guns between two adults doesn't seem like too many to me.


Unknown said...

This isn't supposed to sound like a country song... BUT... you can't have too much money, too much fun, or too many guns : )

Reddunappy said...

Um, we have way more than that! LOL
I have a .308, .270, .410g, .26g .22, .45auto, .22/.410g.... I think thats all that are "mine" ((giggle))
I dont know exactly how many in all that "he" has LOL LOL But a lot more!

Mr. Daddy said...

UUUUmmmmm!!! I need a bigger gun safe...LOL is that to many????

GunDiva said...

See? I knew we didn't have too many! But we did outgrow our very small gun safe a long time ago. We used to be able to fit pretty much everything in there until we started modifying the guns; scopes and accessories take up a fair bit of space.

Our goal, when we finally buy a house, is to have a "gun room". Because who doesn't want an arsenal at their disposal?

Guffaw in AZ said...

Arsenal is a pejorative term. Collection is more benign! ;-)