Thursday, August 30, 2012

CCW Reciprocity

I received an email today that alerted me to a graphic that 5.11 Tactical had developed.  It's a chart showing states that allow concealed carry and the reciprocity between states.  While it doesn't tell you exactly which states honor your permit, it's cool to see how many states allow concealed carry and where your state ranks as far as number of states who honor your CCW.  For people who have a CCW permit, it's nice to know how well received your permit is.

States of Honor: CCW Reciprocity
Source: 5.11 Tactical

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Home on the Range said...

That's great information. Thanks. I have a permit for IND but because it requires no training it's really not recognized anywhere else. I keep one for a neighboring state that does training and is good in quite a few states, not all, but the ones I tend to travel in.

Now if somewhere, somehow Illinois will give it's citzens the same rights as the other 49 states.