Friday, October 18, 2013

I'll Be In My Bunk...

Dear Ruger,

I've been a good boy this year. I've taken care of my wife, done the dishes, cooked dinner and changed diapers. If you send me one of these for T&E, I'll be your new best friend.


Daddy Hawk

P.S. The adjustable stock needs to be upgraded. For a $1995 MSRP, at least spring for a Magpul stock. That, or chop the MSRP by a $100 and give us an A2 stock option. That rifle is too pretty for a cheap, ugly stock.


Mez said...

Interesting. Might be worth checking out. I have tried the SR556 years ago and was not very impressed with it. For an AR platform the SR556 did not meet my accuracy wants. Shot about 2-3 inch groups. This borders on AK level accuracy.
If the SR762 can hold 2 inches and better at 100 yards. with emphasis on "and better" it might be worth it. Otherwise I'll go back to the old timers. FAL, M1A, PTR91, etc.

Momma Fargo said...

Gee. If your wife buys you one of those, I am so going to go to the other side. I need a wife like that! Or something. Alright...I will just pout because I don't have one.

Daddy Hawk said...

Michael, that's odd that the 556 was that off. Bad batch of ammo maybe? That sounds worse than the mini-14's reported accuracy. I'm with you about preferring the legacy platforms especially the M1A.

Daddy Hawk said...

Momma Fargo, I'm not holding my breath for or of these from The Queen. We are a one income household. So, I would have to buy it for myself and explain why I HAD to spend that much on a gun when she doesn't have the Louis Vuitton purse of her dreams. I've already had to do that once over the M325PD, and I sold a gun to get that one. I'll go pout now too.