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Review: Back Country Chest Holster by K-J Leather

Review: Back Country Chest Holster by K-J Leather

A few months ago, Gundiva made contact with K-J Leather based out of Newell, South Dakota. And the folks at K-J Leather were gracious enough to send a sample of their Back Country Chest Holster to me for review. 
The holster that was sent to me was designed to fit the Ruger GP 100 with a 4 inch barrel.  (K-J Leather can build this holster to fit other models of handguns as well)
Included on the left hand side are loops for 5 spare rounds of .357 ammunition.  The revolver is held in place by a leather retention strap. 
Construction is all leather held together with rivets and stitching and plastic buckles. 

What I like:

-       -  The quality of craftsmanship is excellent.  The edges are sealed.  Rivets and stitching are tight. 
-       -  The single buckle design makes it easy to put on and take off once adjusted.
-       Comfortable to wear.
-       -  Being a chest holster, it keeps your handgun off your waist and easy to access.  Also    allowing you to wear a fanny pack or backpack in comfort. 
-      -   Adjustable to fit most sizes. 

What I don’t like:  (Things I want to see improved upon)

-       - A tighter fit on the retention strap.  It works well but could be tighter for a more secure fit.
-       - Extra loop on the left side to hold 6 spare rounds instead of 5. 
-      -  Extra ammunition loops on the shoulder strap or holster itself.  Not a mandatory change, but would be nice to have for quick and easy access to spare ammunition. 


I like this holster.  I think K-J Leather has done an excellent job and makes a quality holster.  I would buy their products again.
If you are looking for a quality leather holster, check out K-J Leather.  They make this Chest Holster as well as standard Belt and Concealment holsters and many other leather products.

Update 10-20-2013

Based on comments, here are a few more items.

1. Yes I would recommend this holster to my brother.  With one caveat.  Make sure the retention strap holds your firearm firmly in place.  This is the one must have for this holster.

2. Cost.  I do not have pricing at this time.  And I did not see prices listed on their website.  Call/email K-J Leather for pricing.

3. Appropriate use for this holster would be an open carry scenario where you want easy access to your firearm but want it off your waist.  Backpacking or hunting is a good example.  Typically the waist belt of the backpack will not allow the use of a traditional belt holster, this will solve that problem.  Or if you are horseback riding.  This holster puts your firearm in an convenient and easy to access position.  But still allows for ease of movement.  
Definitely not for concealed carry.  

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Double Tap said...

Mez - would you recommend that holster to your brothre? How much does it sell for? What type of activities would not be suitable for?

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