Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Gear, Good Price

Admittedly, I'm a gear junkie. I recently purchased a pair of 5.11 59351 Station Grip (Multi-Task Glove). Since you read about guns on FB and here, you probably dabble in gear too. I'll keep this brief, but informative. The gloves cost $29.95 a
t a local retailer, so they come in on the low cost side for tactical gloves. I have experience with other gloves, but we'll judge this model 5.11s on their own merit.

Fit: I was able to try on the gloves before purchase and I went with a medium. My hands are pretty average in size and I prefer a snug fit for working gloves. The fit was sufficiently snug, but unlike leather, I was able to maintain dexterity with no break in period. During our Tactical Course walk through I was able to load pistol and AR magazines with no loss of dexterity. I was able to use my Leatherman and other tools equally well. Dealing with the locking mechanism was a bit of a pain, but I did not have to take them off for these tasks.

Durability: Honestly, we won't know the answer to this question for some time, but I can go over the construction of the gloves here. As you can tell from the photo the palm of the glove is a synthetic material that is very rough to assist with gripping slippery items. The back part of the glove is made of a synthetic that, at this stage, does offer padding to the knuckles and back of hand, and does stretch with your hand as you grip. The gloves offer 2 sets of stitching across every seam. After 2 big days at the range the gloves are in no danger of coming unraveled, but they are developing that sweaty funky smell, so good thing they are washable. As with most 5.11 products I've run across this one is also well made, solid, and for the price has good value.

The glove did a good job of protecting my hand from barrel heat, though it felt warm, it did not burn through or damage the glove. After a 100 rounds of AR ammo I could grip the barrel of my RR with no discomfort. 

Silly things: I like the ID tag, I like the pull tabs and utilized them both and found them both functional (not silly). However, the goofy target indicators which make up the 5.11 logo on the top side of the trigger fingers I found to be goofy and took away from the overall appearance of the glove. Early going the internal seams rubbed the inside of a finger to the point of irritation, but my finger got tough and not longer gripes about it.

For the money, a good tactical glove that can do double duty as work glove, that you can beat on, tear up and not get bent out of shape if you wear them out fast, lose or destroy. I think you gals should be asking 5.11 why they don't have women sizes, or maybe I missed that. My 2 Cents.

Link from the MFG is here,

Shoot Straight,
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GunDiva said...

First, I tried to fix the weird break in the first paragraph, but it didn't happen.

I'm going to try to find something like this at Kinsco in Longmont - they carry a lot of women's 5.11 in stock, so maybe they'll have them for us girls. I've been looking for shooting gloves; thanks for the timely review.

agirlandhergun said...

After reading this I kind of wish I had guy's hands.

I actually do need good gloves.