Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Molon Labe

Many of you have heard  and read in many arguments that the 2nd Amendment is not without restrictions, and thus the Government has the right to ban modern semi automatic rifles.  You should remind your friends and family that the 2nd amendment has been restricted in the past and we are not arguing for the protection for our rights to own crew served M2's, or tanks, or even have greater access to select fire rifles.   We are arguing for the right to keep a semi automatic guns that have modern capacities greater than 10 rounds.   30 rounds is not "High Capacity", it's the "Normal Capacity" for most modern rifles. In handguns, "Normal Capacity" is anywhere between 8 and 18.   It's only "normal" that breakthrough technology often makes newer versions of greater use than older versions.  The 30 round Magazine has been around since the 1960's, hardly modern.  The lineage of the modern AR or AK dates back to the 1960's, again hardly modern, especially if we compare firearms to the modern micro processor of then and now, or even the 1960s era family car.

When we look at China and North Korea (and others) and say they are suppressing human rights of their citizens, do we (meaning Gov't) mean they are denying their citizens the right to Free speech?  The right to bear arms, the right to a speedy trial and to be free of unreasonable search and seizures?  Yes, that's exactly what we mean.   We consider the first 10 Amendments to be provided to all men by their creator and the bill of rights merely confirm what is given to us by God.  Yet here we are debating the restrictions of 60 year old technology on we the people, and some states reserve the right to invade your home without a warrant (IN), Seize your property (phones) without a warrant, or without cause, trolling for crime (CA).  NY now is going to ban Magazine capacities greater than 7, but it makes you wonder if the Police in NY will have to abide by this law - will police be mandated to carry 1911's with only 7 round mags, or will the State continue to carry 17 round Glocks?  Is the State now above the law - will their special tactics squads be mandated to put 7 round magazines in their entry rifles and remove one military “feature”?  Yes, the state is going to be above the law that they enforce for you, but not for the law they enforce for the ruling class. 

Tyranny is knocking on the door in NY, it might even have its foot in the door.   Some of you will disagree, but I find it interesting that we are arguing the meaning of the Constitution and 2A  and the restrictions there of 230 + years later. 

Are you fighting the fight, or just a reading participant?

Shoot straight,
Double Tap


Anonymous said...

How did you find time to post during Shot??? I didn't even have time to read!

Kristin said...

Preach it!