Saturday, March 16, 2013

BUG Day at the Range

Finally, Tara and I were able to get together and go to the range.  It had been weeks and I get cranky without my Tara time.

I had Baby Girl and all of her new holsters, so I wanted to try them out.  Though we didn't plan on our range time becoming BUG day, it did.  She carries a .38 revolver and Baby Girl is a .32.  Look at the size difference!

Apparently, the Beretta is more of a "micro" gun.
I started with my hidden-in-plain-sight mini day pack.  Baby Girl sits in it beautifully, and around here, no one will think twice about me carrying this on my waist.

(For the record, I *hate* having my picture taken)
The hardest part of carrying in the day pack is getting it unzipped to access the gun, but after a couple of times, it became much easier.  Jay and I talked about the zipper when I first got her and in case things get "hinky", I can just rest my hand on the bag and grasp the zipper pull.  From that point, it's no different in theory from releasing a retention strap.  Since I oriented the pack in the same place I carry my holster, the draw was easy. (Because I hate having my picture taken, I "forgot" to have Tara take pictures of the draw.)

After a few round from the day pack, I slipped the Remora into my bra, under my armpit, where the gun would rest if I had a shoulder holster.  Other than one pokey area that I'll snip and cover with moleskin, it was unbelievably comfortable.  Tara went to the car for something and I slipped Baby Girl into the holster without telling her.  I then shot her revolver, with my gun holstered, without a problem.  I wasn't sure how I would do with a gun tucked under my armpit, but it was still super comfortable.

Baby Girl tucked under my left arm.  No printing and very comfortable.
After I was done shooting Tara's gun, I told her that I had my gun holstered in my bra.  I hadn't told her to begin with, because I wanted to see if it was truly invisible and it was.

Gun?  Where?
In this shirt, though, it was nearly impossible to draw the gun quickly or comfortably.  However, my work shirts are v-necked and will be much easier to access my gun if necessary.  I also think that if I tuck the Remora into a good sports bra, I can even wear her at the gym without a problem.

The only holster we did not try out was the Pistol Wear, as it's still far too big for the gun.  I need to buy some velcro or figure out how to make a pouch to keep her from "sloshing" around in the pocket of the holster.  Once I get it modified, I think it will be a good way to carry under my work clothes, if for some reason I don't want to tuck the Remora.

Overall, I'm excited about my new carry options.  No, the Beretta's not a "big" gun, and not a typical defensive caliber, but it's an excellent "get outta my face" gun and I can carry her in "deep" concealment comfortably.

And just because I love these pictures I took of Tara, here are some gratuitous "Tara Janzen embracing her inner Skeeter Bang" pictures.


Allenspark Lodge said...

That Beretta sure is cute, however, I think she might be a bit small for my big hands. Darn! I wanna go shoot with you two.
Bionic Cowgirl

agirlandhergun said...

These are my favorite kinds of posts!!! So much fun!

I am with Allenspark Lodge...I want to go shoot with you two too!

CG said...

I just signed up for a Handgun Safety/Training class at the Firearms Academy of Seattle- like I've been meaning to do for over a year now! Can't wait to learn some stuff and shoot my new Sig P238.

Had to share, since your blog has inspired the official "training" thing! CG

LukaBlythe9 said...

The Marilyn bra holster is another option you should consider if you wanted to carry securely on the side of your bra. It is very comfortable and is available for your Beretta. I am in love with all of Flashbang Holster's products. I own everything except for the Annie-O.