Friday, March 8, 2013

It Never Fails

I've mentioned that I bought Baby Girl as a "bra gun" for running.  My initial intent was to carry her in a Flashbang holster, but after talking to Lisa Looper from Flashbang, I decided that carrying her in a Marilyn would be a better option.  Only, they don't make a Marilyn that fits the Tomcat, so it was back to the drawing board.

As I was walking through the kitchen the other day, I saw a sticker left over from SHOT Show for Pistol Wear holsters.  They are essentially belly bands designed for working out; they're supposed to be comfortable and breathe while you're hot and sweaty and moving around.  So I thought I'd give one a try.  I ordered the PT-2 holster.  I ordered the PT-2 because it's for smaller-framed guns and the Tomcat's not exactly a big gun. It arrived two nights ago and I immediately put it on under my scrubs.  It doesn't print at all, which is a huge plus and I can tie my drawstring pants around it while still having access to the top opening if I reach under my shirt.  That was the good.  The bad is that Baby Girl is so little (she's fun-sized, like me) that she kind of slides around in the pocket and if I'd have to draw her, I might have to fish around.  I might be able to fix that issue by making a spot for her muzzle to slip in with some velcro.

Shortly after I ordered the PT-2, I read in one of my Facebook groups that one of the ladies had taken a Remora thigh holster, removed the holster from the thigh band and slipped it into her bra in the same position as the Marilyn with good success.  Remora just happens to make a holster that fits Baby Girl, so cha-ching went my debit card.  I haven't received the Remora yet, but it has shipped and I've been eagerly anticipating its arrival.  I was looking forward to having carry options for under my scrubs at work and at the gym.  I'm pretty sure that I would get some strange looks in the locker room when I changed if I have the PT-2 on, but if I can slip the Remora into my sports bra, I can "hide" it when I'm changing by simply facing the locker.

Anyway, I told you all of that so I could tell you this...

While at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo today, I was wondering around with Jay and my parents and we stopped at my Mom's favorite saddle shop.  Hanging in a display right by the cash register was the answer to my concealed carry prayers.  A mini day pack.

Baby Girl is tucked snuggly inside

For scale - the bag isn't much bigger than my hand.
It was like the bag was made for her.
It's simply a mini day pack like you'd find at REI or any other over-priced outdoor store, but it's very roomy.  When I finally got home and spent some time looking at it, I was happy to find the soft pocket that I could slip her muzzle into and keep her from flopping around.  That main pocket is deceptively large.

There is another pocket (you can see the zipper under my thumb) which is perfect for a spare holster or to slip my CCW permit in.

If you look at the top picture, you'll see a rubber handle/loop.  That loop will fit over a saddle horn.  You know, if I ever go back to riding with a saddle.  By the handle, there are two rings to attach a strap for cross-body carry.  On the back of the pack, there is a space to feed a belt through, which is how I will typically carry it.

Dang it.  Dropped almost $100 on "real" holsters for Baby Girl, walk into a saddle shop and find the perfect solution for $20.

It never fails.

Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to.


Anonymous said...

love the mini day pack! I have several Remoras, and love the thigh band, and I used a mag pouch tucked into my bra when I carry that way. I do try to carry one way, but sometimes the dress won't accomodate anything else.
We all have holster bags, so you are not along there. The other thng I was going to suggest for you is the compression undergarments, like spanx with a holster pocket and a t-shirt with a pocket under the arm. I think 5.11 makes the shirts, they are actually really nice, and heavier than a tee but breath. has the shorts.

Good luck!

Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm glad you didn't get one of the brightly colored ones. I would be perfectly happy to steal this one from you.


Momma Fargo said...

That is cool! Glad you found something you like for that awesome gun!

Atria said...

That bag is stunning!! Finding what works is a huge relief!! I mostly carry on body in the same place, but this would be a great off body for those occasions that on body is not doable.