Sunday, March 10, 2013

Part One- K Bar J Leather Review

 Posted by Mrs Mom

 While she was at SHOT Show, GunDiva managed to score a leather holster for me to test out. She was thinking it would be ideal for riding, and since I have my nags in my back yard, I got the pleasure of "meeting" Jack Gully from K Bar J Leather. At least, I got to check out his work first hand. (Note on the website: it's COOL! At least for someone like me who has equines on the brain 24 / 7 / 365.)

My FIRST impression, being a leather fan, was of the quality of the leather used in making the holster. It is beautiful- bridle quality would be my guess. The hardware he uses is durable- brass where needed and a good quality side-release buckle on the lower attachment piece.

 So -- today, all the factors added up and I was able to catch up my mobile red couch and crawl aboard for a ride test. First thing I noticed-- the muzzle needs adjusting as that position *really* made me feel uncomfortable. According to Mr. Gully, this basic design was for men, who can carry it more to the left, thus eliminating any issue with the muzzle pointing at a leg. He did suggest a different position and I will be testing that as soon as I can.

 Given my rather Pillsbury Dough Girl shape at the moment, there was still plenty of room to adjust the entire rig. Any father to the left and I would have had a difficult time being able to draw.

Provided the short video clip works, you can see how easy it was for me to draw from this position -- which was a plus.
- Quality- Excellent. I would buy from these folks with no hesitation.
- Comfort- I wore the holster additionally on an hour long hike with my sons in the woods today. I carry a steel frame 1911, which after an hour hiking in back in my paddle holster I can feel some pull on my back. I did enjoy hiking as the weight of my Kimber was "shared around" a bit and I more or less didn't know it was there.
- Customer Service- EXCELLENT. Mr. Jack has been fantastic to work with, had helpful suggestions, and he is pretty sure he has another variation of the rig that might work better for me. We'll see in a bit, after it arrives and I'll test and review that one as well.
- Fit- The Kimber was snug and didn't have much play. Being on my most reliable horse, I did check it out at a jog and even with his not-so-smooth jog/trot it stayed put well. (We call this horse Mommy's Little Dump Truck for a reason!)

All in all? I am impressed with the quality and care put into the work, and the excellent service provided by Mr. Jack himself. I'm looking forward to providing the Part Two for this in the next couple weeks. 

This is what my horse thought of the entire procedure today. He fell asleep. For the record, yes, I ride bareback with a halter and a lead. It's mostly because I am too lazy to drag tack out and mess with it. That and I honestly do like the challenge of achieving the utmost in lightness with the least amount of gear. I don't compete any longer- I just bomb around here at home with my mobile red couch and his newly started under rider grey brother, Tater. For more information on Phat Boy and Tater tot, visit Oh HorseFeathers!

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Momma Fargo said...

Great review! Your reviews are so thorough, manufacturers should pay you to do it. Maybe we would have less crap on the market if it was TRULY tested. Thank you!

Atria said...

I love this holster. I don't know that I would have a need for it, butI still want it:) beautiful!

I agree with Mamma do great, honest reviews!