Friday, January 19, 2018

CanCan Hip Hugger holster

Photo from Can Can Concealment's website.
Sometime back in November or early December, I loaned my CanCan Concealment Hip Hugger holster to a friend of mine, 9mMShell. (She used to be just MShell, but Double Tap re-named her.)

He asked her to do a write-up of her experiences with her new carry system. She did such a good job on his FB page that I asked her if I could steal it for here. I figure since Double Tap writes for GunDivas, it's a good cross-over.

"I purchased the Can-Can Holster from I have a concealed carry purse, but have been uncomfortable with the gun out of my direct control. A friend loaned me her Can-Can to try. I LOVED it. I found it to be comfortable, adjustable, and secure, particularly with that feeling of having the gun on my person. The firearm is in easy access, in what is essentially a hi appendix carry. I've been wearing the Can-Can for nearly seven weeks (3-5 days per week), and I can honestly say, I'd buy this particular product again, and recommend it to friends.
This is a snug, waist-fitting garment, that can hold 4 guns and 3 mags. It has 7 hooks and eyes to secure, such as a corset, and 3 size level adjustments (but you can buy an extender). There are magnets where the muzzle rests to confirm security. I carry a Glock 43. A 6 +1. The Can-Can has several straight lines of a gripper material to hold it in place on your waist. I suggest applying body lotion to your belly/back area if you are going to wear this to aid the garment placement and security. The lotion prevents shifting, but the Can-Can doesn't do a whole lot of shifting at any rate. The shifting that does occur is mostly when I sit and then stand.
Here are the things I need to work on. I have a large scar running under my waist line, which the muzzle of my Glock causes to itch, so adjusting the garment, or utilizing one of the other built in carry holsters should resolve this issue. When I sit for long periods, the muzzle of the G43 lands right on that scar and it aches a bit. I probably need to shift it to one of the back pockets when I'm going to be sitting for a period of time. The Can-Can clears through courthouse security, minus weapon, of course, but I don't have to put it on and off. There is not enough metal parts to set off the court systems metal detectors. I wear glasses and the hooks and eyes are a little hard to see/manipulate, what, hey, when you wear glasses, what's not a bit difficult to manipulate.
With the billowy blouses that clothes designers are coming out with, this is really a fantastic concealed carry under-garment. It comes in black and optional colored stitching. I chose blue, because, even if no one else sees it, I think it's sexy as hell. I feel safe and secure, and ready to protect myself, if necessary. Coming in at nearly $80, yeah, that's a lot. But what's your life worth? What's your security worth? I feel good wearing one."
My experience with the same holster has also been very positive. I used a Flashbang bra holster for a couple of years, until my bra wore out and I couldn't find another one that I liked as much to replace it. That sounds silly, unless you're a bra-wearer. Some bras just don't support the Flashbang as well as others, so when I got frustrated, I ordered the CanCan and have been using it nearly daily ever since.

I've seen some concern from other users that the trigger is only covered by elastic, but I've not had an issue with being able to manipulate the trigger through the elastic. There are a couple of work-arounds if you feel the need. One is to use a kydex holster inserted and secured to the CanCan. It's a great solution, because it further protects the trigger AND makes it easier, and safer to re-holster. The other option is to use a kydex trigger guard and secure the string around the CanCan, so that when you draw your pistol, the trigger guard falls off, allowing you access to the trigger.

Photo from Google images
While they sell these trigger guards as "holsters", I do NOT recommend them as a holster, but they are good as an adjunct to an existing soft holster.

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